Best Hikes in Dubois

Location: Wyoming's Wind River Range

Located on US 26/US 287, 74 miles northwest of Lander, Wyoming and 85.5 miles northeast of Jackson, Wyoming.


Dubois, Wyoming is located between the Wind River Range to the south and the southern Absaroka Mountains to the north. The Trail Lake trailhead provides access Wind River trails along the branches of Torrey Creek including to the popular Glacier Trail leading to Gannett Peak, the Lake Louise trail, Whiskey Mountain trail and Ross Lakes area.

To the north/northeast are the southern Absaroka Mountains, protected by the Washakie Wilderness in the Shoshone National Forest and the Teton Wilderness in the Teton National Forests. This area feature scenic trails leading though a vast and remote backcountry with expansive meadows, forests, peaks and plateaus.

Dubois Hiking Trails

Downs Mountain, Peak 13,202 and Ross Lake

Whiskey Mountain

Distance: 6.8 - 9.2 miles (Round Trip)

Far reaching views, extending to the Tetons, the peaks gracing the southern end of the Absaroka Range and the summits of the northern Wind River Range, are the rewards of the hike to the saddle between Whiskey Mountain’s twin summits.

Torrey Peak and Middle Mountain

Glacier Trail (day hike)

Distance: 6.5 - 16.0 miles (Round Trip)

This hike ascends East Torrey Creek to Bomber Basin and then climbs the slopes of Arrow Mountain to an overlook at 10,000-ft. and Pass 10,895-ft. Views encompass Torrey Peak, Middle Mountain, Whiskey Mountain, the Absaroka Range and, at the pass, Horse Ridge and Burro Flats.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise

Distance: 4.6 miles (Round Trip)

A short hike through a rugged landscape leads to Lake Louise, a beautiful body of water nestled beneath the steep walls of the West Torrey Creek Canyon formed by Whiskey Mountain, to the north, and Middle Mountain, to the south.

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Dubois - Southern Absaroka Hiking Trails

These trails are located in the southern Absaroka Mountains, between Moran Junction, Wyoming (in the Jackson Hole Valley) and Dubois, Wyoming.

Pinnacle Buttes

Jade Lakes, Upper Brooks and Rainbow Lake

Distance: 5.5 - 8.3 miles (Round Trip)

Multi-hued volcanic cliffs towering over 1,000-ft. above a quintet of pretty lakes are the stars of the show on these scenic hikes in the Brooks Lake area in the southern Absaroka Range, located to the east of the Tetons.

Close-up of the Tetons from Breccia Peak

Breccia Peak

Distance: 5.5 miles (Round Trip)

An unsigned trail leads to a route climbing to Breccia Peak where stunning views encompass the Tetons, the southern Absaroka Mountains and the Wind River Range. Closer at hand are terrific views of the North Breccia Cliffs and the Cub Creek drainage.

Pinnacle Butte North and Pinnacle Butte West

Bonneville Pass

Distance: 5.2 miles (Round Trip)

This short trail leads to the beautiful meadows of Bonneville Pass with nice views of Pinnacle Buttes and the volcanic peaks and cliffs rising above the Brooks Lake area and the Dunoir Valley, located to the northeast of the Tetons.

The Breccia Cliffs

Holmes Cave

Distance: 5.6 - 9.5 miles (Round Trip)

Solitude, lovely meadows and great views of the volcanic formation around the Togwotee Pass area are the highlights of this hike through in the southern Absaroka Mountains, located to the northeast of the Tetons.

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